How to Market Your Business Without Creating Content

Creative Commons image by medithIT (Flickr)

Creative Commons image by medithIT (Flickr)

Youa��ve probably heard that content is king when it comes to SEO. In a way, the adage is correct: Google looks for well-organized, engaging content that human readers find interesting and worth reading, linking to, and passing on. What if you dona��t have the time or the budget to create such content, however? It turns out you dona��t need to worry: You can still market your business and optimize your site for search engines (and for humans) without writing (or hiring someone to write) content. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Make Your Site Useful or Entertaining

There are tools and features that you can add to your website that dona��t need much, if any, content. Consider some of the sites that you use regularly., for example, does not depend on content to bring in business. Neither does Google, Hotwire, eBay or many other sites. Now, you might not have the next superstar site like these listed, but you can take your cue from them and figure out a way to make your site appealing to people. Consider creating a forum where people can discuss topics pertaining to your service or product line, for example.

Make Your Site High-Quality

Consider websites that youa��ve been on that are appealing, even if you dona��t read their content. Chances are great that theya��re not only intuitive and easy to use, but the have features such as a responsive menu, an easy way to contact the company (most likely with a a�?contact usa�? form), an easy way to access reviews, and a format that is easy to see when using a mobile device. If you dona��t know how to do these things, ita��s important to hire someone who does. While you will need to make room in your budget, having a high-quality, responsive site is even more important than having good content, so make this a first priority.

Make Your Site Shine From the Back End

One of the most important facets of search engine optimization is not even visible from the main page of the site. This is the back-end SEO that only you and the other site administrators (and search engine crawlers) see. They include a title that has been carefully chosen, relevant meta tags and descriptions, good (and properly formatted) images and professional interlinking and, where applicable and appropriate, backlinking. This is another job that you might need to hire out, but once ita��s done, ita��s done, aside from minor tweaks, most of the time.

If you dona��t want to or cana��t add excellent content to your site, all hope is not lost when it comes to search engine optimization. While you might need to have a web developer or SEO specialist help you with your website, you wona��t have to worry about keeping content updated if you find another way to boost your rankings without writing articles or keeping up with a blog. Of course, these methods are also excellent in addition to having great content; ita��s not necessarily an either/or choice. Most Optimal can help you market your business, with or without content included, so contact us with any questions you may have.