Small Business SEO and Marketing Podcasts to Listen To

Creative Commons image by  Silveira Neto

Creative Commons image by
Silveira Neto

Do you listen to podcasts? According to Convince & Convert, over 1/5 of the population does. If you’re one of them, you probably have your favorite podcasters; if you’re not, you might be missing out on a great way to learn about a wide variety of topics. You can listen to podcasts while jogging, driving or doing just about anything, so they’re really a convenient and simple way to be entertained or learn something (or, preferably, both!).

Learning the ins and outs of marketing and SEO takes lots of time, but if you listen to certain podcasts, you can cut down your learning curve. Here is a list of podcasts that might be just right for the small-business owner or entrepreneur who wants to learn how to market his or her website or business using digital marketing, SEO or other strategies. When you are trying to find a podcast that fits, personality is key; no matter how informative someone is, if you find their voice annoying or don’t like the way they approach topics, you’re not going to get much out of it. So if none of these work for you, don’t be afraid to keep trying to find a podcast that speaks to you personally and gives you the tips you need to succeed.

As Told by Nomads

As Told by Nomads is a great one for anyone who enjoys thinking out of the box a bit. The guests include a lot of innovators, particularly those who have traveled the world and made names for themselves in their new locations. Even if you aren’t planning on taking off for Fiji or even another state, some of the tips might give you some great inspiration as you look for novel ways to market yourself and your business.

The Fizzle Show

Have you been looking for information on how to grow your business, gain a bigger audience or otherwise improve your online business? If so, The Fizzle Show might be just the podcast you need. The hosts are entertaining and you’ll find yourself laughing as you learn how to maximize your marketing strategy to attract and pull in your target customers.

Edge of the Web

The Edge of the Web podcast tells you about all things digital marketing, from SEO strategies, to keeping your online reputation healthy, to the newest Google updates and how they might affect you and your business. They have a variety of guests with different levels and topics of expertise, so you’re very likely to learn something new from each episode.

SEO Dojo Radio

Are you ready to get serious about your SEO and content strategies? If so, SEO Dojo Radio is a podcast that you shouldn’t miss. You’ll be able to get the news when it comes to what’s going on with search engines, as well as hear the opinions of the experienced hosts and their speakers.

There are countless other podcasts out there that can help you market your business better. Take a look through your favorite Internet radio and podcast service to find shows that you’ll find helpful and interesting, and try to make time each week to listen to a show. Over time, your knowledge base will widen with just a little bit of effort on your part.