Tips for Success With Social Media: Part Two

Social Media

Creative Commons image by Jason Howle

We recently talked a bit about using social media as part of your marketing strategy. We went over the biggest sites, including Facebook and Twitter. Today wea��ll be discussing some of the sites that you might not have thought of.

It is important to remember that this is by no means a comprehensive list, nor is it a list of sites that you must use. When youa��re developing your social media strategy, ita��s very important to pick and choose only the sites that you have time to keep up with and that will work well with your industry and your target clients.


You might find that many of your social contacts prefer other sites, namely Facebook, to Google+. Instead of thinking of this site as a replacement for Facebook, however, understand that it has some different features.

First, ita��s connected to the rest of your Google account. This means that if you have a Gmail account, your connections will be able to see when youa��re online and will be able to share things with you. Google+ is also geared more toward professionals than Facebook is, so therea��s a better chance that your clients, colleagues and customers will want to add you in their Circles.

Ita��s worth noting that if you are uploading images to Google+, they will be saved with high resolution, which is unlike the images saved on other social media sites. If you already have a Google account (and leta��s face it: you probably do!), using Google+ might make sense.


If you are marketing to a younger (under 35) crowd, you may want to look into the social blogging site called Tumblr. In general, Tumblr users are college students or younger adults who might not be in the midst of the mortgage-spouse-kids years quite yet. You can post images, write up content or share other peoplea��s material from their Tumblr sites. Depending on your a�?perfect customer,a�? this might be a site worth considering.


Have you always wanted to produce videos that were six seconds long? Well, this is the point of the free app called Vine. You might be surprised at how much creativity you can pack into just a few seconds. You can show your followers how to do something using the stop-motion feature, say (or sing!) your tag line, tell a quick joke, or whatever you want. You can read more about some of the reasons to consider this app, as well as see some cool examples, here.


Video marketing is projected to see some impressive growth over the next several years. Why? Ita��s easy, it appeals to people who dona��t have the attention span or time to dedicate to reading an article, and it has the potential to engage people more than a two-dimensional website can. As a member of YouTube, you can also comment on other peoplea��s videos and gain a following. Conduct your own webinar or answer FAQs on your video. The possibilities are endless!


If your business depends on quality images, Flickr is an excellent site to consider using. Not only are images stored at full resolution, but theya��re easy for others to find and view. You can save the photos in such a way as to prevent unauthorized downloading, or you can put them up under a Creative Commons license, which allows others to use (and, if you allow it, modify) your images for their own websites. Imagine finding your photos on an informative site owned by someone else!

Remember, setting up social media accounts is only the first step. Once you have decided which sites are best for you to concentrate on, the more difficult part comes along: engaging with your followers. We will be talking more about that soon!