Yahoo Maps Is Discontinued. What Now?

yahoo maps

CC image courtesy of Aaron Parecki.

Effective the end of June, Yahoo has discontinued Yahoo Maps. The company says that it will still have some mapping services available within other realms of Yahoo, but the maps wona��t necessarily be powered by Yahoo.

What does this mean for you, as a small business owner? Basically, ita��s a good reminder for you to make sure that your business is listed accurately with Google and Apple Maps. If your business name, address or zip code is not correct, you may end up with some very frustrated would-be customers!

Even if your address is listed correctly, sometimes a technological glitch will make it so the map displays incorrectly, which can, again, frustrate your visitors and customers. What can you do about this?

  1. Check Google Places and Google Local. If you have listings there, one might be incorrect. Updating to the right address will extend to all branches of Google, including Maps.
  2. Type your business name and incorrect address in a search engine. If another website has your information displayed inaccurately, it can trigger Google to do the same. If you find this to be the case, contact the site owner and ask them to update their information.
  3. Submit a help request to Google. Use Googlea��s Report a Problem page and follow the instructions. Youa��ll be able to let the company know what the issue is, and they will fix it. You might need to submit more than one help request, so keep an eye on whether you receive an answer in a timely manner.
  4. Report the problem to Apple. Last fall, Apple improved the process for reporting an issue with mapping with the IOS 8 update. You can follow the directions as described here to get your problem resolved.

You might have heard that location is everything when it comes to success in business, but in reality, having the best location in the world is not going to help you if people cana��t find it! Now that Yahoo Maps is defunct, ita��s important to double check your other map listings to make sure theya��re correct, so your customers can find you easily.

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